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Bridesmaid Watches Your Friends Will Love.

A watch might not be the first item that comes to mind when you think about traditional wedding jewelry, but the right piece can really elevate a look. Surprisingly versatile and elegant, a classic BOBO BIRD watch will make any bride look put together and can easily turn into a wardrobe essential once the big day is over.


BOBO BIRD Bridesmaid Gifts Customer Reviews

I have had so many of you ask me for bridesmaid gift ideas. So glad that I finally get to show you what I got my girls!

I went with something sentimental. I wanted to give them something that they would wear all of the time and that they would associate with our special day whenever they looked at it.

BOBO BIRD has an amazing selection of beautiful watches! They have so many to choose from and I spent tons of time online making sure to pick out watches specifically for each bridesmaid. I wanted them to match their personalities!

Once I found each watch I had to think of what I wanted to engrave on the back. I ended up engraving their name and our wedding date on each watch.

I loved watching them open their watches. I almost cried when I saw the expressions on their faces. Don’t blame me, I was pretty emotional on my wedding day. A lot of happy crying going on! Needless to say, they LOVED them!

I have already seen them wearing their watches tons of times which makes me soooo happy! One of the girls banged their watch on the edge of a staircase and was soooo upset when the screen cracked. Thankfully, BOBO BIRD replaced the face of the watch within a couple of weeks! Her getting that upset just showed me how much sentiment each of these watches have.

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