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personalized photo watches

Edge of Eternity

We believe that everyone has a moment to freeze, the moment of kissing a lover, playing with loved ones in a sunny backyard, or a moment with good friends on a warm court. We want to remember these beautiful moments and the time we cherished along the way. To us, the construct of time and the moment are intertwined.

So we believe combining your cherished moments with your timepiece is only natural. This belief was the inspiration behind BOBO BIRD’s Edge of Eternity collection.

Lets slow the flow of time.

personalized photo watches

EOE Watches contain all possibilities

Bring color to your personal watch

We print what you provided to us on the dial

What we offer

Custom & Wonderful Moment

The custom-made dial locks your cherished moments in time, bringing back good memories whenever you look at the watch. The combination of modern technology, natural materials, and the highest print quality, conjures your beautiful moment with just a glance.

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Nature & Modernity

Watches made of wood are more suitable than metal for sensitive skin and are light to the touch. Contrasting with our modern technology to ensure accuracy, the natural casing helps to ground you.

Gifts & Warmth

Like the heart, a custom-made watch is unique. Each gift carries a unique meaning. BoboBird’s EOE series allows you to record time and endless joy with your family, lovers, and friends.

Craftsmanship & Hi-Q

We promise to provide Hi-Q wood and perfect modern materials to make sure the timepiece is unique and delicate. 

The weight of the watch is only one-fifth of the ordinary mechanical watch, which lets you get rid  the weight of clunky timepieces.


Perfect combination of snakeskin wood, olive wood, and alloy make you feel as if you were touched by nature.

Luminous Pointers

Luminous Pointers make it easy to tell time at night.


The weight of the watch is only one-fifth of the ordinary mechanical watch, which lets you get rid the weight of clunky timepeices.


The quartz movement from CITIZEN Japan guarantees no more than a minute of error over an annual timespan.

More than you expected

Automatic Models



Case Thichness11.5mm11.5mm
Case Diameter43mm36mm
Band Width20mm18mm

Start customizing unique watches for yourself, your loved ones, family, friends, and even enemies right now!