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At BOBO BIRD, our ethos is carved from the conviction that we are not mere followers of trends but pioneers of the unique and the meaningful. “We don’t follow trends. We make unusual watches which tell a story, start a conversation or simply make you smile.” This philosophy is the cornerstone of our identity, deeply embedded in every aspect of our work. As an independent company, we cherish our freedom to innovate and to express our creativity through timepieces that stand apart in design, craftsmanship, and spirit.

Our team, though small, is immensely passionate, working tirelessly to create watches that are not just accessories but expressions of individuality and art. Each BOBO BIRD watch is a testament to our dedication to originality and to making every moment memorable. In a world increasingly turning to digital devices to mark the passage of time, we seize the opportunity to redefine the watch as something more than a timekeeper. This shift liberates us to explore, to experiment, and to embed playfulness into every design, allowing our watches to transcend the ordinary and become a source of joy and intrigue.

“We work really hard to produce original and interesting designs – our interest is not, nor will it ever be in producing something that looks like a Rolex. Rather, our interest lies in crafting something distinctive, something that is uniquely BOBO BIRD.” Our focus is on creating pieces that are not just worn but experienced, watches that resonate with the soul of their wearer and reflect the beauty of the natural world.

Joining the BOBO BIRD Annual VIP Membership Program, with an annual fee of $2,999, is more than an acquisition of exquisite timepieces; it’s an embrace of our philosophy. It signifies a commitment to sustainability, to artistry, and to the celebration of what makes us different. Members receive 15 limited edition pieces throughout the year, each crafted with attention to detail and a deep respect for the materials we use.

As an independent entity, we chart our own course, inspired by the beauty of nature and the creativity of our team. Our watches are not just mechanisms for keeping time; they are canvases for expression, symbols of a lifestyle that values uniqueness and a deep connection with the world around us.

Welcome to BOBO BIRD, where every watch tells a story, and every story starts with us. Here, in the embrace of the unusual and the extraordinary, we invite you to join us on a journey of discovery, to celebrate the art of being different, and to wear your story with pride.

VIP Membership Program

Join our exclusive VIP Membership Program and unlock a world of unparalleled benefits and luxury. As a VIP member, you’re not just purchasing watches; you’re gaining access to a curated luxury experience, designed just for you.

Membership Benefits:

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12~15 exclusive limited edition watches

Access exclusive limited edition watches and accessories, available only to VIP members, enhancing the exclusivity and uniqueness of your collection,Valued at $4500 USD.

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Customization Services

Personalize your timepiece with exclusive customization options. Choose materials, engravings, or design elements to create a watch that's uniquely yours.

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Birthday Gift

Celebrate your special day with a personalized gift from us, ranging from brand merchandise, watch accessories, to custom gifts, showing our appreciation and care.

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Exclusive Discounts

Receive special discounts on additional purchases, including accessories and watches not covered under the membership plan.

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Extended Warranty

Benefit from an extended warranty period, offering you peace of mind and protection beyond the standard terms.

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Complimentary Repair Services

Avail of complimentary repair services, including routine maintenance, battery replacement, or minor part repairs, ensuring your watch remains in perfect condition.

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Embrace the luxury of being a VIP member and indulge in the exclusivity, craftsmanship, and unparalleled service that comes with it. Join us today and start your journey into a world where time is more than just measured—it’s treasured.

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