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Wooden Rings – Handmade Unique wooden wedding rings

BOBO BIRD produces wooden rings for the Eco-Conscious, Sustainable Sources, and Salvaged Materials, All natural wooden rings! Handmade Men’s and Women’s rings made from Walnut and Oak, treated with beeswax to preserve and protect. Each ring is handmade with minimal tools, making each ring unique in its grain pattern and feel. perfect for wooden wedding rings and wooden engagement rings or Anniversary Gifts. As this special piece of jewelry is meant to be worn for a lifetime, it is important that you choose a band that truly suits your style and personality.

Our mission is to provide a beautiful ring to you while also giving back to the environment. With each purchase, we donate three trees to a non-profit we are partnered with. This organization plants trees all around the world, allowing me to pick areas that I see as needing support.

At BOBO BIRD, our goal is to create the most durable wood rings for our customers to enjoy. Check out our full selection below, design In the USA and Shipped Worldwide for Free.