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The World’s Best Luxury Wooden Watch

People who wear wristwatches show up. Forbes magazine reports that individuals who wear traditional wrist are more punctual, organized, and productive.  

Wooden watches make a statement. Keep reading to learn what happens when you own and wear a wooden watch. 

Why Own a Wooden Watch?

Wood watches look unique. They stand out a bit because they do not have the flash and shine of a traditional, expensive Rolex. So why would any self-respecting businessman have a wooden watch?

First and foremost, not just any wooden watch is enough. A bobo bird wooden watch, for example, stands out among other wooden watches because of its comfort, beauty, and sustainability. 

You Feel Good on the Inside

Wooden watches reflect a thoughtful company that uses reclaimed wood. They’re made from sustainable materials.

Wooden watches do not use up valuable resources like precious metals. Rather, companies like the bobo bird watch company use recycled and reclaimed wood. They save the wood and use it to create beautiful, unique watches. 

Thus you can feel good because you’re reducing waste and recycling wood that would otherwise go to a trash heap. You’re reducing your carbon footprint while wearing a stylish piece of jewelry. 

Wood products need to come from sustainable sources. When a company destroys a forest to harvest the wood, they destroy habitat and potentially interfere not just with the animals in that forest but the indigenous people. Fewer trees also will harm the earth’s ecosystem. 

So wooden products must come from sources that would have otherwise destroyed the wood. Wooden watches like bobo bird watches can make you feel good because you know you’re helping to save our planet. 

You Feel Good on the Inside

Wooden watches just simply feel better than metal and leather. They’re lighter than a metal watch because wood weighs less than most metals. Your wrist won’t feel weighed down by a heavy, metal watch. 

If you have any sensitivity to metal, a wooden watch will treat you well. Allergies to nickel and other metals discourage some people from ever wearing watches. Metal allergies lead to rashes and sometimes even oozing blisters.

Wooden watches cause no such reactions. Rather individuals who wear a wood watch report of a more comfortable wristwatch. The material is just simply warmer. 

Wooden watches also breathe well. If you’ve ever had a leather watchband, you know the funky smell that can come from a sweaty wrist. Wooden watches will not have that smell, but rather, they allow your wrist to breathe.  

You Spend Less Money

Luxury watches cost upwards of a thousand dollars or more. Even the more ornate wooden watches, however, cost less than $500. So you can look like you’ve spent a bundle while saving yourself some money.

Wooden watches look so luxurious that people have even mistaken them for high-end watches. When Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Taro Kono, wore a wooden watch during a meeting with South Korea’s Foreign Minister, the picture of the two men shaking hands went viral. People criticized Kono for wearing a luxurious, expensive watch. 

Kono was wearing a simple wooden watch that stood out. Viewers thought mistook his light, wooden watch for an expensive gold watch on that people saw as a showy sign of wealth. Kono ended up being criticized for something that you should have been praised for. 

Kono bamboo watch

You Look Good

A wooden watch like a bobo bird watch looks luxurious. Manufacturers do not just carve out a rough wrist band. Rather, the wooden watches consist of segmented wooden pieces and multi-colored wooden faces. 

Best of all, no two watches look the same because of the unique wood colors and wood grain. Manufacturers cannot possibly create two identical watches because wood grain is not identical. The wooden segmented bands will have metal connectors and an inner band for support. 

Wooden watches typically wear and age well also. Metal will tarnish and dull. Wood can retain its luster and shape. 

Wooden watches consist of more than just hunks of wood. They will have standard mechanical and quartz parts. 

Their small parts like hands, clasps, and crowns, consist of metal. Some will have leather straps or the segmented watched bands made of wood. 

When you wear a wooden watch, you will stand out in a crowd. 

After all, do you know anyone else with a wood watch? Wearing one will set you apart and give you something to talk about with friends as well. 

You Can Make It Personal

Each wooden watch is crafted especially for you, made by the hand of an experienced craftsman. The bobo watch company also allows you to personalize the watch by having up to 60 characters or your company logo carved into the back of the watch. 

This will make your watch uniquely yours, not just because of the wood grain or the color, but the words on the watch itself. 

Five of the most beautiful watches in the bobo bird wooden watch collection are the Limited Edition Collection watches. 

The Classic Chronograph Wooden Watch Whiskey Barrel men’s wooden wristwatch has a warm, oak color. The watch consists of Made with whiskey barrels, This one-of-a-kind timepiece features reclaimed whiskey barrels with a hand-torched finish. Limited to just 200 pieces, Production is limited, and when this classic is gone, it’s gone.

Classic Chronograph Wooden Watch Whiskey Barrel Limited Edition

The Classic Chronograph Wooden Watch Ebony Wood Gold wooden watch has a similar style as the Whiskey Barrel, but it has Richer dial colors. It also has the traditional numberless face with two timers. A person can also pay the extra $10 to have the watch engraved.

Classic Chronograph Wooden Watch Ebony Wood Gold

Both Commanders cost significantly less than a luxury watch. Even at full cost, they only cost $239. They’re both currently on sale, though, which makes them even more attractive. 

Stay Warm, Use Wood

Since the inception of the wooden watch in China in 1995, the Bobo bird wooden watch company has taken off. It combines Chinese warmth and style with Japanese innovation. A wooden watch will warm your wrist and make you stand out positively. 

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