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Why you must have a wooden watches?

The best of creativity can be shown in any given product using wood as the primary component, there is something unique and eccentric about the wood products. They not only grasp the attention of thousands of people at once but also tend to stand out from any other artifact under a similar roof. The fashion industry as we speak has shifted its trend towards the wooden items, bracelets, sunglasses, purses, clocks even wooden watches are being built in today’s world.

That brings us to the question; why you should consider wearing these wooden watches at all? The answer lies in the variety of options that a style oriented person can come around; it could be uniqueness, sustainability, being lightweight, different shades and styles and other various reasons accompanying this equation. However, if you don’t feel moved enough, then continue scrolling through and at the end, you will find the required motivation;

wooden watches for men

1.Uniqueness in every watch

The one thing that is for sure considering the construction of these wood watches is that every watch is going to be unique, there is not even a 0.1% chance that both watches are going to be the same. Nature works in wonderful ways and therefore wood is the primary tool of nature, there are a lot of variables in it. The shape, the color, texture, depth of interwoven rings and cut of the wood is going to be entirely different no matter what and therefore your end product will be entirely unique.

Although designers tend to create contrast designs using different varieties of wood that adds to the uniqueness of the wooden watch.


Anything can only compliment your lifestyle only when you are compatible with it, in simpler words the wooden watch you are going to buy should be lightweight enough to become a compatible match with your personality. The mainstream watches lack this dedicated feature because they aren’t made up of the wooden materials. Wood in its natural aspect is a lightweight material and therefore the wooden watches won’t feel like a burden whenever you strap them up on your wrists.

3.Perfect for offering as a gift

If you have been worrying extensively to decide on a gift for your best friend on their birthday, or want to use it as an anniversary gift then wooden watches should be your ultimate choice. They can also be presented to your loved ones on occasions of traditional events such as Christmas and New Year. Wooden watches make up for great gifting accessories as they are unique and are crafted with utmost care, their glossy finished look and aesthetic natural wood beauty can’t be ignored.

engraved wooden watches
Custom engraved wooden box style 2

4.Environmentally Friendly

If there is one thing that can’t be ignored that is the very fact that these wooden watches are made up of recycled wood that is adequately processed and again used in the manufacturing of these wooden watches. No harm is done to the environment in the production of these watches that makes them an environmentally friendly option. Another amazing fact surrounding these watches is that the original source of their core material couldn’t be located to a precise point, in simpler words we can’t know from where the wood to manufacture these came from?

It can be a bunch of matchsticks, an old barn or farmhouse torn apart to manufacture something else or as simple as a curved block of wood that won’t fit anywhere. This is what makes this whole idea more tempting and pleasing on the whole, to know that you are sharing much more than a classic wooden watch on your wrist.

Square wooden watch s06

5.Grace over time

There is another level of curiosity that accompanies these wooden watches other than the mainstream watches and that curiosity being the addition in their overall grace over elapsed time. If you consider it closely a conventional watch is going to get blemish over time, its quality being deteriorated and all its grace shall be lost with the passage of time. But this isn’t the case with the wooden watches, if you keep on wearing these watches the wood will get better with age and new patterns of beautification shall start to appear on these wooden watches.

In simpler words, they look better and shinier with the passage of time depending you continue wearing them on and on.

6.A Long celebration of tradition

Apart from being a celebrated fashion statement these days these wooden watches have a long celebration of tradition as well. According to anniversary rituals in the western areas, the fifth-anniversary gift has to be something made up of wood. You can present these wooden watches as an anniversary gift to your wife or husband to show the evolving love and affection of you towards them.

Furthermore, there are other multiple reasons to add this luxurious item to your timepiece accessories. Then, there is the ease of customizability that proposes that you can have your beautiful watch made the way you want it to be. There is all kind of styling that can be done, types of woods, contrast pairs can be made for providing as a gift to your beloved ones and keeping a set particularly for yourself.

BOBO BIRD custom engraving style 4

Need Wooden Watches?

If you feel moved enough now to try a wooden watch for yourself then you can have your particular watch made the way you want it to be with BOBO BIRD It is an online company/organization with warehouses present in all regions of the world especially UK, USA, Spain, Germany and even in China. The company is inclined to provide you with the best of the designs and the latest trends that you need for your wooden watch. The eccentric quality, aesthetic woodworking skills and the glorious wooden texture of the watch is what actually brightens everything associated with the gadget. If you want it as a personal item or need to make it on a particular order then you can browse through thousands of designs available in the catalog and choose the one with your liking.

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