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Thor’s Hammer MjÖlnir Handmade Wooden Watch T16-8

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The Viking Warriors Collection - Thor's Hammer MjÖlnir

Mjölnir (Crusher), is the hammer of Thor, the Norse God of Thunder. “Thor’s Hammer” was worn by the Vikings as an amulet of protection and power.

Additional decorations has been added to the hammer to enhance the design.

The triangular symbol known as the ‘Valknut’ also symbolized power, but was often associated with the power of Odin and his ability to magically strengthen or weaken warriors in battle.

A knotwork design handmade inspired by authentic Viking artifacts.

Thor's Hammer MjÖlnir Handmade Wooden Watch
Produst Information
Wood Type:All-Natural Ebony wood
Glass:Mineral Crystal Glass
Movement:High-grade Quartz Mechanism by Japanese Miyota
Clasp Type:Push Button Hidden Clasp
Strap:20mm tapered Red Ebony wood strap
Case Size:44mm
Case Thickness:8.4mm
Water resistance:3 ATM Splash Water Protected



Ebony Wood

Thor's Hammer MjÖlnir Handmade Wooden Watch
Thor’s Hammer MjÖlnir Handmade Wooden Watch T16-8
Original price was: $ 159.00.Current price is: $ 59.95.